Collection: Bundles

Limited time HEAVEN pre-order bundles. Only until May 24 2024.

You can create your own bundle from any of the items below. Mix and match whatever you want:

CD + Cassette + Shirt = 3 item bundle

3 CDs = 3 item bundle

2 Cassettes = 2 item bundle

2 CDs + 2 Shirts = 4 item bundle

5 copies of Heaven CD = 5 item bundle

...and so on. you get the idea.

Buy any two items — Save $5USD
Buy any three items — Save $10USD
Buy any four items — Save $15USD
Buy any five items — Save $20USD

Discount will be automatically applied at checkout, and if you subSCribe to the zine, you can enter your code for a 30% discount on any bundle order.

Shirts ship right away—CDs and cassettes will ship to arrive as close to release day as possible.